Princess Aurora

Why did I become a dominatrix? I believe I was born as one, and I thrive in manipulating the emotion of those who keeled before me. I enjoy that they dedicate everything just for a glimpse of my smile.

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora started exploring BDSM when she was 13, and has been active in the community since high school.

She first discovered her love of domination when she spanked a submissive girl in a munch, and she learned to master the art of shibari (Japanese bondage) from two of the best riggers in Taiwan.

Princess Aurora met Princess Selene shortly after becoming a professional dominatrix, and was chosen as Princess Selene's protégé because of her dedication, energy and genuinely. After two years of training, Princess Aurora formally joined The Castle as a Princess.


Height: 162 cm (168 cm on her leather heels)
Measurements: 36C-26-36
Shoe size: 7


Princess Aurora normally wears suits, with stockings, and leather heels.


Domination/submission, bondage (with a special focus of shibari), and spanking.

Other activities

Foot fetish, golden shower, dog training, tickling, waxing, restraints, slapping, anal training, CBT, and humiliation.


Princess Aurora has a large collection of leather corsets, suits, high school uniforms, knee-high leather boots, and leather heels.